drawing a simple heart - ep 2015

by mi mundo solo

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drawing a simple heart es un ep lleno de climas musicales y palabras dirigidas a la reflexión de quiénes somos y quiénes queremos ser... es una búsqueda... es un tratar de tomar conciencia de lo que ya sabemos... es un disco dirigido por el amor hacia un mundo mucho más justo para todos los seres que habitamos en él.


released January 5, 2015

Todas las canciones son obras originales de Jo (mi mundo solo), grabado, mezclado, producido y masterizado por Jo en "Mi Mundo Solo - HomeStudio"

Amiga invitada Lola Maison (voces y coros en 01, 02 y 03)

Foto y Arte de Tapa: Lola Maison




mi mundo solo Villa General Belgrano, Argentina

folk, western, susurros, montañas y guitarras reverberantes...

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Track Name: hey
Falling down upon the night
Is so real for me
All that you want, all that you touch
Is never in me

Please don’t wait and please don’t wish
That time for me was wrong
Iron-woman I don’t need
Your fever in me

Hey, hey, he-e-y-e…
Hey, hey, he-e-y-e…
Hey, hey, he-e-y-e…
Hey, hey, he-e-y-e…
Track Name: flying along the way
Down when these fine,
But you never laugh or cry
Take my time into the way of nothing
Flying along the way but you never calm my pain
Take my time and try to be my sunshine
You ... and I…
Here is the end of all my nightmares
Track Name: drawing a simple heart
Time passes and changes the way to see the world… through different eyes
I can draw into myself another simple heart

Enlighten me with a new conscience, I’m so tired to stay in dark
Keep me in mind and take me home
Is just around the world

Don´t believe in your culture, don´t believe in all they say
If you want to see the true is just inside yourself

Uhhh you can understand…
Uhhh you can understand…
Track Name: hi - (en vivo)
I must say
thank you for come
to see my show.

I have a lot of songs
to play today
into your hearts-minds.

I’m the same boy
that you know
for other places.

I think that we are one,
and this songs
are about us.