Grateful Heart

by mi mundo solo

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Este disco fue grabado al pie de las pequeñas montañas en Villa General Belgrano, Córdoba, Argentina, entre fines del 2016 y principios del 2017,con mucho amor, en nuestra casa, rodeados por la belleza, la paz y la energía de la naturaleza.

Grabado, mezclado y masterizado por Jo en "Mi Mundo Solo - HomeStudio"


released March 18, 2017

Diseño, arte de tapa, ilustraciones, fotos, y retoque digital : Lola Maison
Foto de tapa, contratapa y central: Lola Maison y Amanda Polcan

Voces: Lola Maison

Voces e instrumentos: Jo

Guitarras "ballenitas" en track 2: Chelo Lares

Estuvieron con nosotros en cada sessión nuestros compañeros de vida, nuestra familia, a quienes amamos infinitamente Sueño, Folavril, Cookie, Coral y Kiki.

Gracias a todos los que me acompañaron en este hermoso viaje: a Lola Maison, Eva Antivero, Amanda Polcan, Chelo Lares, Bruno Molina, Don Manuk, Angelo Paolo, Angel Sayous, Guillermo Daney,...

Todas las canciones (música y letras) de este disco pertenecen a Mi Mundo Solo (Jo).
"Como creo que lo mejor es compartir y construir entre todos, sin adueñarse de nada en la vida, autorizo el uso de estas canciones siguiendo los términos de la licencia Creative Commons,
Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike."




mi mundo solo Villa General Belgrano, Argentina

folk, western, susurros, montañas y guitarras reverberantes...

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Track Name: wolf
Running to the trees, across this forest to my world
Is full of wolfs in my head, when I remember there
I never lie when I'm in love…
Them in your arms I never fall…
There's some fire in my blood, burn and burning all my songs

Change the lights, the fall comes, the trees show me your branches
All the leaves on the floor, like embers, warm my feet
And burn my feels… in my mind
Burn your feels… when I'm back
Take your skin and come with me… a strong wolf is guiding me

Running hard, hardest more, I can't feel my legs
All the mist in my back, disappear and daylight comes
All the sun… blinding me
Finally… I can see
I'm the wolf that's hunting me, I'm the wolf I must to be
All my life…is a gift
All my days… are all my dreams
Track Name: deadline
The deadline in my words
Is time to back to my home
A long, long day in my back
Show me the final mistake

Oh oh over my table
there's no pain, there's just love

oh oh Take out your windows
In And out is the same

Lying and blinding all your sense
Deeper and deeper in your own hell
Burning your wings and burning your soul
There's not other way, you must to fall

you must to fall

Oh oh over my table
there's no pain, there's just love
Track Name: sunshine
Some sunny day without a trace become so real
Singing through the noise of our thoughts

Bring me back my voice or wait for me inside your ear
Today I'm not in the mood to be your slave

Today I'm not in the mood to be your slave, to be your savior
Just I'm in the corner of my heart

Waiting for a book or for a song that's make me real
Singing through the noise of our thoughts
Track Name: butterflies and pillows
Butterflies around my pillow
Bring the light into my old cracks

Brightness pass across my fears
Brightness pass across my mind

Time run and get old years
And them faces change they masks

And I want to be your peer
If you can believe in that

Life is just for those who can draw
Their destiny leaving aside themselves

Brightness pass across my fears…
Track Name: grateful
Riding on the crest
of a wave of songs
swimming through the hate
to a shore of love

oh oh oh…

Hearing all the time (hearing in my head)
A sweet voice in my head (all that happened)
“All that happened
is all that you are today” (all that you are today)

oh oh oh…

I'm not afraid to see (not afraid that brought me here)
through the days that brought me here (I have a grateful heart)
I'm grateful for everything (all that happened)
I have a grateful heart (all that you are today)

oh oh oh

I have a grateful heart
Track Name: leaf
Take your time and try to be another man in front your eyes,
and see your moves
And if you cry or if you laugh that is the way that you must choice,
to be yourself

Just stay away
from others people dreams
to can wake up
in your own dreams

and all the days and all the nights and all the time around the world,
is not enough
if you can take a little time to see a leaf when fall in fall
and become ground

To strengthen the roots
of the tree that gave its life
if you fall be a leaf
falling to be life